Emma is a Seattle based photographer, content creator, and artist. She has experience and training in many areas of photo production, specifically creative portraits and product staging.

Currently, she is working as a Junior Photographer for Keynote Media Collective, documenting concerts in the Seattle Area who promote a positive message. 

She is set to graduate from Seattle Pacific University this spring after completing her studies in Photography / Digital Media and Business.


The camera is fast, but not always timely. Photographing is a process that is driven by both aesthetic and emotion- you have to be ready for the right moment to capture, observational but non-intrusive. My creative work reflects this in a much more defined way, but I aim to bring this same attention to everything I shoot. 

As I finish my last year of university, I'm trying to explore each style of photography deeper. More information on my services will be available soon when I can guarantee a more flexible schedule and my full attention. If you're still interested or are looking to collaborate/ promote a product, please feel free to reach out.


  • Studio Practice Exhibit - Seattle Pacific University Art Center, November 2021
  • “Psyche” Senior Photography Show - Seattle Pacific University Art Center, April 2022

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